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Save Money on Rust Repairs

Your beloved European ride is beginning to show its age, and perhaps it has developed a few dings and minor dents along with some rust spots, but you know the car has good bones and still has plenty of life left in it. Although rust Keep Reading

By |2021-10-16T21:42:35+00:00September 10th, 2021|Categories: Tips|

Hidden Damage Caused by Fender-Benders

Even extremely low-speed collisions can result in significant damage to your vehicle. Even more insidious, a lot of this damage may be invisible to the naked eye. Hidden Damage Defined The term “hidden damage” encompasses all manner of structural, mechanical, and electrical harm to a Keep Reading

By |2021-10-16T21:42:40+00:00June 22nd, 2021|Categories: FAQ|
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