Your beloved European ride is beginning to show its age, and perhaps it has developed a few dings and minor dents along with some rust spots, but you know the car has good bones and still has plenty of life left in it. Although rust spots may seem to be just a minor cosmetic issue, rust can substantially damage your vehicle’s frame and panels — and in worse-case scenarios, the rust can cause severe enough erosion so that it forms holes in the body of the car, often with potentially dangerous consequences. For instance, if the holes are anywhere near the vehicle’s exhaust system, damaging fumes will be able to access the passenger compartment.

Fortunately, you don’t have to live with the unsightly appearance of rust or the safety issues it can cause. Skilled body shop specialists can perform reasonably priced rust repairs that will have your car as good as new. Here’s what you need to know:

What Causes Rust on Cars?

Rust on cars has a variety of causes. Those who live by large bodies of water such as lakes or oceans are at elevated risk of rust developing on their vehicles, as well as residents of areas with rainy or snowy climates. Road salts and other chemicals as well as dirt and dust have a corrosive effect on metal, and when iron, oxygen, and water are part of the picture, the result is the formation of rust in a process known as oxidation.

Small Scale Rust Repair

Small scale rust that hasn’t penetrated the metal are often the result of scratches or small dents that haven’t been repaired. A skilled technician can restore the affected area by carefully sanding the area, applying primer, and applying a final layer of paint.

Large Scale Rust Repair

Larger patches of rust that have corroded the underlying metal need more extensive restoration methods such as cutting out the affected area and replacing it. n severe cases, entire body parts may need to be replaced.

Rust repair saves money in the long run because it will allow you to keep driving your baby for a long time. Whether you’ve got a small or large rust problem, please feel free to contact us at Everything Euro Body for more information on keeping your European car looking and running great.