Of the millions of accidents that occur each year, almost a third will be considered mild fender-benders. These low-speed collisions often leave little to no visible damage, which may cause you to avoid a body shop visit. Unfortunately, these types of accidents can result in hidden damage, which often affects your car’s frame, electrical, or mechanical systems. Wondering if your vehicle has sustained hidden damage? Watch for the signs below.

A Rough Ride

If your drive seems to be a little rougher than before, you may have suffered frame damage. Steering issues could mean your frame was pushed out of alignment, which can put added stress on other parts of your vehicle. Noises, shaking, or pulling with your steering should always be investigated.

An extra bumpy ride could be a sign of alignment problems as well, but could also be a sign that there are problems with your suspension system. Suspension issues may start as a simple nuisance but can eventually lead to mechanical damage or damage to the underside of your vehicle.

Door, Hood, and Trunk Problems

If you find it harder to open or close your truck, doors, or hood, your vehicle may have suffered some damage to the frame. While this problem may not seem to be a large concern, it can become a safety issue if not repaired. For example, if the problem results from a broken latch, your trunk or hood could pop open while driving. Likewise, if your doors are stuck, it could prevent a quick vehicle exit if needed.


Leaking fluids from a vehicle is never a good sign, but when it occurs after an accident, it could come from a variety of sources. If the leak is accompanied by shifting or acceleration problems, you could have damaged your transmission.

Driver-Assistance Feature Failure

Newer vehicles, equipped with driver assistance features such as rear cross-traffic alert, rely on sensors. If these sensors become damaged during an accident, it may be hard to see, but you will notice that your system may begin to malfunction.

Euro Body Can Help

If you have been in a minor accident, make sure you don’t have any hidden vehicle damage that will come back to haunt you. Contact Euro Body today. They offer top-notch service, experienced technicians, transparent pricing, and a fast turnaround to help you get safely back on the road, no matter the severity of your accident.