Even extremely low-speed collisions can result in significant damage to your vehicle. Even more insidious, a lot of this damage may be invisible to the naked eye.

Hidden Damage Defined

The term “hidden damage” encompasses all manner of structural, mechanical, and electrical harm to a vehicle that isn’t immediately apparent in the wake of a collision.

Typical Forms of Hidden Damage

  • Damage to the vehicle frame – Even when unnoticeable, frame damage can lead to potentially dangerous alignment and suspension issues. Although they may seem trivial at first glance, minuscule collision-related problems with your hood, truck, or doors can have catastrophic results. Not only can these problems destroy seals that protect your interior from moisture, but they can cause your hood, trunk, or doors to open without warning.  


  • Damage to the vehicle mechanics – Although a fender-bender can cause any number of mechanical issues, transmission damage is one of the most common. This is particularly true of rear-wheel-drive and all-wheel-drive vehicles, which tend to house transmission components near their rear bumpers. If your car begins to leak fluid or experience acceleration difficulties after suffering a rear-end collision, hidden transmission damage is likely to blame.


  • Damage to the vehicle electric system – The complicated network of wires and sensors that make up your car’s electrical system are extremely vulnerable to a jarring collision. Unfortunately, damage to this system, which can have a profound negative impact on your car’s overall safety and performance, is often imperceptible. Fortunately, a quality collision repair shop can run a battery of diagnostics tests to verify electric system function.

Get the Help of a Seasoned Professional

If you’ve experienced a recent fender-bender, it’s a good idea to contact a reputable collision repair shop to get an authoritative inspection. Residents in greater Winston-Salem, North Carolina trust Everything Euro Body to deliver accurate assessments of damage, hidden and otherwise.

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