While most accidents take place when both vehicles are in motion, accidents can also happen in the parking lot as well. And while backup cameras and blind spot detection help drivers avoid accidentally backing into parked cars and parking lot fender benders, they do still happen.

Here’s a look at what to do if you hit a parked car:

1. Stay at the Scene

Don’t flee the scene if you hit a parked car – even if there’s no visible damage. Instead, either wait for the driver or go inside the location and, if possible, see if the owner can be identified by their vehicle make and model. If you’ve waited a while for the driver and are unable to locate them in a reasonable amount of time, leave a note on the vehicle’s windshield with your contact information and a brief description of what happened. We’d also suggest taking photographs of the damage to each vehicle to document the incident. You may even consider contacting the police to file a police report. The police can help connect you with the owner of the other vehicle and provide essential documentation that will come in handy if an insurance claim is filed later.

2. Contact Your Insurance Agent

After you’ve connected with the other vehicle owner, make sure to get in touch with your insurance agent to understand your coverage in such a situation. Additionally, the owner of the vehicle that you hit is likely to file an insurance claim if the damage is significant enough. Your agent will help you understand what your insurance covers and what you’re responsible for out of pocket.

3. Contact Your Local Collision Shop for Repairs

After you’ve ironed out the details with the other driver and with your insurance company, it’s time to take your vehicle in for repairs. And if you drive an Audi, Volkswagen or Porsche, then there’s no better place to take your vehicle than Everything Euro in Winston-Salem. As an auto repair, performance tuning center and body shop specific to European-made vehicles, including Volkswagen, Audi, Porsche and MINI Cooper, you can rest assured that any repair – no matter how big or how small – will be adequately made so that your vehicle looks and runs like new.

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