A new paint job restores your vehicle to its factory-like appearance and adds value. You take pride in your car and you want to protect it from rust and deterioration caused by scratches and damage. But there are things to consider before making that investment.

Is it worth it?

A professional paint job can cost several thousand dollars, depending on the vehicle. One thing you must decide is whether a new paint job is worth it, based on the value of your vehicle. You may pay more to paint an older car than the vehicle is worth. One way to calculate whether a paint job is worth it is to determine the value of your vehicle first. If the paint job cost 25% of the car’s value or more, it’s probably not worth it.

What color?

Some people want to change the color of their vehicle, but that can add to the cost. It’s one thing for a professional auto repair shop to match the color of your factory paint. That’s the benefit of allowing a pro to handle the job. But if you choose a different color, that requires more work. Before painting the vehicle, a repair shop must remove everything from it, including the engine, seats and dashboard. The job also takes longer to ensure proper coverage of the paint.

  • Quality vs. cost

There are some things worth paying for, so don’t think only about price when choosing a professional auto paint shop. A proper paint job includes quality paint and expert preparation of your vehicle’s surface before applying it. An auto shop offering cheap paint jobs may save you money, but the final result may not live up to expectations. The best paint jobs require an average of 10 hours of vehicle preparation for every hour spent spraying the paint. The best shops also remove parts that shouldn’t be painted to create that seamless, factory-like finish for your vehicle.

Is new paint enough?

New paint looks great on a car, but it will not fix everything. That’s why you need the best professionals to handle the job. Before the paint is applied, any damage or blemishes should be repaired. If you just apply new paint over those imperfections, it could make them stand out. Make sure your auto paint shop repairs any scratches, dents, chips, rust, holes and other issues before applying the new paint.

You can trust the auto paint experts at Everything Euro to restore your vehicle’s finish to its factory-like appearance with quality paint and professional preparation.