When it comes to finding just the right auto body shop for repairs or maintenance, you don’t want to leave it up to chance or be spontaneous. Follow some steps that will help you to locate an ideal place to bring your vehicle in for services.

Do Some Research

You might be tempted to settle on an auto body shop that your insurance company recommends. However, you’ll want to do your own research. Take to friends and family about their experiences with the local repairs shops. Word-of-mouth really is the best way to get reliable information about a business. You’ll learn which places have a great track record of providing quality services. You can talk to a representative about the insurance paperwork, warranty, and other insurance matters before you make a final decision.

Qualifications and Location Are Important

You’d do well to select an auto body shop that’s nearby where you live. That way, you can visit the business as often as you wish and also monitor repair progress while your automobile is at the shop. You’ll be able to see that the work is being done to your satisfaction.

Your auto body shop should have several certifications. Find one that has technicians who are ASE and I-CAR certified. They can deal with all aspects of repair that include small dents and heavier repairs more smoothly. Shops that have this certification in place are extremely likely to maintain their status over time.

Request Multiple Estimates

You might be tempted to visit a dealer who tells you that they can do the work for less money than other body shops. In many instances, this means they won’t do a complete job. Be sure to keep both performance and cost in mind while weighing your options.

Narrow down your choices once you’ve done adequate research. At this point, ask for estimates of how much it would cost to get the specific repairs you need. Find out if each shop gives online estimates so that you save time and headache of bringing your car into the physical location.

Listen to Your Instinct

It’s a good idea to go to the auto body shop you’re interested in before you need car repairs. You can gain a gut feeling about if the shop will be the right fit. If the service provider doesn’t answer your questions well, think of it as a red flag. A disorganized place of business shows you that they don’t take their work as seriously or something else negative. Trust yourself with what feels right about a shop.