When you come to the Everything Euro Bodyshop in Winston-Salem, NC, for collision repair, we like to make our entire repair process transparent. In that spirit, we want to show you the steps that we go through in fixing your vehicle. The actual steps we go through depend on the service you require. Not all steps are needed.

  1. Initial Estimate. We inspect the vehicle and all damage and then enter the relevant details into our computer that helps us create an estimate for the repair. The cost includes fixes to damage that is hidden from view.
  2. Insurance Approval. We send the estimate to your insurance company for review. Some negotiation may be necessary, assuming your insurer determines that your car can be repaired. After their approval, we can begin the actual repair.
  3. Disassembly. We take apart certain components of your vehicle where we may discover hidden damage and additional repairs to the inner structure. This may require re-inspection and approval from your insurance company and ordering additional parts.
  4. Parts Availability. We take stock of any parts that we already have that we can use for the repair. We special order any additional parts as soon as possible.
  5. Structure Repair. We repair any damage to the structure so that it returns to the original factory specifications. We depend on a sophisticated high-tech measuring system to verify all steps of this process to ensure that the repair is thorough and accurate.
  6. Body Repair. We take care of repairs to the visible damage. We replace exterior panels and install and align any sheet metal. If necessary, we finish the metal as needed.
  7. Painting. We first prepare areas for painting before priming it and sealing to ensure that the paint adheres to the body. We then apply the final top color and any clear coats.
  8. Reassembly. We attach the final moldings and detail pieces. We then check all your car’s systems to make sure that they are functioning to original specifications.
  9. Detailing. Repair and reassembly can put a lot of dust and dirt on your vehicle. In the detailing process, we thoroughly clean your car. We also road test your vehicle to ensure that everything is functioning correctly.
  10. Completion. We deliver the finished product to you. When you pick up your vehicle, we take the time to explain the details of the bill and complete any paperwork. You can drive your vehicle away, confident that it has been restored to its condition before the accident.

If you have any questions or require more information, please contact us at Everything Euro for answers. You can also contact us by phone or online if you want to schedule a repair appointment.