When you and your car have been involved in an accident, you may go to the doctor. However, your car will go to the auto body repair shop. Since your vehicle may have varying levels of damage, it’s important to know which repair services you’re likely to need. To help with this, here are five common auto body repair shop services you’re likely to encounter.

Dent Repair

After your accident, your vehicle will have plenty of dents that need to be repaired. Therefore, make sure you address these repairs quickly, since dents and other surface defects can deteriorate much faster than most people realize. By visiting the auto body repair shop as soon as possible, proper repairs can be enacted.

Paint Repair

While paint scratches and rock chips can make your car look less than perfect, they can also set the stage for severe rust damage if not repaired soon after the accident. Should you ignore this problem, chances are you will have even bigger repairs needing to be made later on.

Windshield Repair

In almost any serious auto collision, a vehicle’s windshield, rear-view mirrors, and other windows will be cracked or broken. Since cracks in your windshield can greatly hinder your ability to see clearly when driving down the road, this is a safety issue that must be addressed immediately. Even if you have a small crack in your windshield that doesn’t appear to be very serious following the accident, get it looked at anyway by repair specialists at the shop. In many cases, what begins as a small crack can eventually grow much bigger, so it’s best to get repairs done while the damage is still minimal.

Bumper Repair

Since bumpers are made of many different types of materials and come in various styles and shapes, you’ll need experienced auto body repair shop professionals to repair the scrapes, cracks, and other damage done to your bumpers.

Fender Repair

Just as bumpers can be difficult to repair after a collision, so too are fenders. Like bumpers, fenders also have distinctive characteristics that require a professional touch to repair. Thus, whether your fenders are made of composite materials, aluminum, or metal, let the pros handle these repairs.

No matter which of these repairs you need to have done, always take your vehicle to an auto body repair shop you can trust to get the job done right the first time.